Gallery Portraits Bookings


I like to engage you in the process of making the photographs and together we will create -

Photography was my first love: it evolved into movie photography and I eventually became an award-winning documentary cameraman. Several transformations later, I've returned to my roots, doing what I love best - photographing people in their many and varied expressions.

Having travelled the world during my documentary period, I'm comfortable working with almost anyone in almost any environment - in the boardroom or the workplace, out in nature or in a more intimate setting. These days I'm based in York but happily travel to an interesting location.

I have a relaxed approach and enjoy establishing a rapport with my clients, but I’m very experienced and  take great pleasure in delighting clients by exceeded their expectations - do get in touch if you’d like to have a chat.

Portraits for you, your family - casual or formal - in your home, at your workplace or your favourite scenic location:

 My biggest worry about becoming Lady Captain at the Golf Club was having my photograph taken! Barry has tremendous patience and the ability to make people relax and I have to admit that the result was so much better than I had ever believed it could be... the whole experience was first class. Clearly an expert in his field; I would recommend him wholeheartedly.

Good portraiture has nothing to do with what’s on the outside - it’s what is inside that’s important and the best portraits sensitively reveal something of the real person who lives inside.

The most important element isn’t the lighting, a nice background or an interesting location, it arises out of the connection that is made between photographer and client.  When you are feeling confident and relaxed, you feel able to just be yourself and who you are just naturally shines through.  Making photographs in a place that is comfortable or special to you can make for a much more spontaneous, enjoyable experience.